The White Nights

the white nights The white nights, the time of the summer equinox of the North - and all life is filled with light.

With this programme Ulla Rönnborg on the cello accompanied on the piano by Heiko Holtmeier tries to single out the connecting bonds within Northern Europe and thus recollects the common sounds of the countries along the Baltic Sea. The journey begins in Denmark represented by the romancier Louis Glass and Peter Heise. Just like Sweden (represented by Gunnar de Frumerie), Denmark orientated itself, for centuries, according to the cultural development in Germany. Not before the 1850s the rediscovered national-romantic sound found its entry back into the music world of Denmark. And thus not just the presented cello-arabesques gained from this development, the Suites of the great Swedish loner Gunnar de Frumerie did as well, whose elegiac sound hits the character of The White Nights remarkably; it is touching and yet sometimes confusing in its melancholy.

Over Finland (represented by Joonas Kokkonen) the journey continues and ends in Russia (represented by Serge Prokofieff). Due to their history both countries are very close to each other, although the musical language appears to be partially different on the surface. However, in deeper levels one will find the similarity - both countries are derived out of ancient roots, which, in the past, were founded based on a double heritage.

Be prepared to join an exciting musical journey through four countries of the adjacent Baltic Sea region.