Vivaldi and no end

Vivaldi and no end2008 is the year of the 330th anniversary of Antonio Vivaldi - reason enough, to think about him and his pioneering concerts.

With this concert the well-known Swedish cellist Ulla Rönnborg, accompanied by a chamber orchestra conducted by Prof. Matthias Janz (cembalo), presents the finest cello concerts of the god-gifted composer Antonio Vivaldi. Armin Diedrichsen, presenter at "NDR-Kultur", introduces you into the secrets of Vivaldi, his era and brings you closer to his music.

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The White Nights

the white nights The white nights, the time of the summer equinox of the North - and all life is filled with light.

With this programme Ulla Rönnborg on the cello accompanied on the piano by Heiko Holtmeier tries to single out the connecting bonds within Northern Europe and thus recollects the common sounds of the countries along the Baltic Sea. The journey begins in Denmark represented by the romancier Louis Glass and Peter Heise. Just like Sweden (represented by Gunnar de Frumerie), Denmark orientated itself, for centuries, according to the cultural development in...  >> more

Azure (Himmelblau)

Ulla RönnborgDoris Rungepoetical music and musical poetry in a cross-over project

In this CD-project the poet, Doris Runge, and the cellist, Ulla Rönnborg found each other: for the one it is a substantial reduction of the lyrical entity "word" and for the other it is a complete scarcity of the musical sound in its essence.

In a review for the "Deutschland Funk" (German radio channel) Jochen Missfeldt said about the...  >> more

The Swedish Sound - Swedish Cello music

Cover: the swedish soundThe classical music from Sweden is usually not in the focus of the worldwide musical audience - a big mistake, as the following recordings by Ulla Rönnborg on the cello accompanied by Irina Kolesnikowa on the piano will show us. Severe and powerful sounds, combined with a soft and melancholy mood, create a until now unknown and complex portrayal of Sweden that gives us a new perspective: At the edge of our listening habits lies a musical treasure, that is definitely worth to be dug up.

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Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy - Works for cello

Felix Mendelssohn BarholdyFelix Mendelssohn Bartholdy ( 1809 -1847)
200 years ,  1809 – 2009
The works for cello

"... a very important branch of piano music, and one of wich I am particularly fond - trios, quartets and other pieces with accompanimet, genuine chambermusic - is quite forgotten now and I feel a great urge to do something new of this kind", Mendelssohn wrote to Ferdinad Hiller in 1838.

"It is with thisi deat hat I recently wrote the sonata for violin, and the one for...  >> more